Ben & Laura

"'It's good for us to say we can't do this parenting thing on our own....."

The Life Village idea has inspired our invitation to a wider group of people to input into our children's lives. This 'God family' as we call them have been a great support. It's good for us to say we can't do this parenting thing on our own and to be spurred on to make time with the people in the Life Village.

Leah & Sandy

"Each Life village member has graciously committed to sharing their talents to encourage [our daughters]....."

"Setting up a Life Village has been a wonderful way of building a supportive network of caring adults to help our daughters, especially as our own families are on the other side of the world. Each Life Villager has graciously committed to sharing their talents and giftings to encourage our children and help them start to understand what it is to build strong relationships - and to have other special adults in their lives who are totally for them."

Claire & Tony

"'The Life Village has formalised the community we already had....."

We set up our own version of the Life Village for our son who is now aged six, after hearing about what our friends had done. We love the fact that Josiah has some great adults around him who know and love him. Having a Life Village has formalised the community we already had around us and given our friends permission to be involved in our family life.


"My mum was a single mum and she had a type of life village....I'm proud to continue in her footsteps."

"My mum was a single mum and she had a type of Life Village. She had John the cabbie who offered us free trips, George the TV man who got us great discounts, Gail the market trader who gave mum free fruit and veg. Older cousins babysat and took me to clubs in the school holidays. I was surrounded by community. My mum wasn't isolated and we didn't lack support. My mum was 'Life Village minded' and I'm proud to continue in her footsteps in setting up Life Villages for my children.


"When I was asked to be part of the Life Village I felt trusted and included by the family....."

Although the original aim was for me to contribute to Reuben's life by being part of his Life Village, he also contributes to mine. I feel like I have a Life Village too! I'm happy to be part of his community.

Alice & Cain

"No-one is ever really ready to become a parent..."

"We have just had our first baby. For us, becoming parents remains an incredibly daunting prospect, because we simply have never done it before. We know the theory, but we haven't experienced the reality. There are many answers to important questions that we have considered but many that we haven't thought about yet. We recognise that no-one is ever really ready to become a parent and that parenting will be an extraordinarily humbling process of learning. This is why we have decided to invite people to be part of a 'Life Village' for us and our child."