How can Life Villagers enrich a child's life?


Each Life Villager contributes a specific skill or resource to the child. We have really valued the skills and contributions brought to our family from the Life Villagers. Here are a few examples of how Life Villagers have contributed to our children's lives and supported us as parents:

  • Laura inspires our daughter in her reading and love of books. She bought her a copy of one of her own favourite childhood books


  • Hannah and Johnny teach our son how to love animals by showing him how to stroke their cats gently and by talking to him about different animals 


  • Nicky and Rob offer their experience as parents of older children. They also offered practical help when our daughter was newborn like offering to hold the baby so I could rest 


  • Our son enjoys playing drums with Ed, a musician, and one day hopes to play in a band with him


  • Ed and Heidi take our children for days out. One day they took them to a city farm for quality time and an ice-cream


  • Alison helps develop our children's imagination as she reads to them and plays with them


  • Victoria inspires our daughter's artistic nature through sending her drawings and providing a special journal for writing


  • Kobna responds to our requests for parenting advice with wisdom and insight


  • Derek and Fiona spend time with our son, playing silly games, chatting to him and listening to his ideas 


  • Karolina offers her time and love in times of challenge. She supported me in the lead up to our son's birth by being on-hand before labour to look after our other children


  • Claire and Tony offer their home to our children for fun, food and playful activities


  • Rachel is a regular babysitter and suggests fun outings for us and then accompanies us on the trips


  • Carolyn helps our son develop a sense of responsibility and bought him his first pets (two goldfish)


  • Ann helps our son to connect with his Indian heritage through the Indian clothes she has brought back for him from her trips there

More ideas:


  • Teach a child DIY

  • Teach a child gardening

  • Pay into a child's savings account

  • Teach a sport

  • Listen to their thoughts and ideas

  • Teach a child to play an instrument

  • Encourage them to explore the world

Being a Life Villager needn't be time-consuming. Simply pick a skill that you are easily and willingly able to offer with your current time-constraints. As the child grows older you may be able to offer more time. Being part of the Life Village is being part of a community so everyone offers what they can, when they can, in the hope that the child gets a rich experience over his/her lifetime.

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