What is the Life Village?

"It takes a village to raise a child"

African Proverb

The Life Village is a supportive community which surrounds a child from birth to adulthood. In many countries, whole villages will help to raise a child and offer their practical support and wisdom. The Life Village seeks to recreate this idea of a 'village' raising a child.

The Life Village is about interdependence. It's about a child being surrounded by role models. It's about parents not feeling alone.


How do you create a Life Village?

It's very simple. Parents, or the child's primary carer, invite a group of trusted friends to be part of their child's Life Village and ask them to contribute a particular skill to his/her life. For example, one Life Villager may want to teach your child about nature and another may offer football skills.


These relationships between the Life Villagers are then nurtured through organising Life Village Gatherings where the child, its family and the Life Villagers meet and interact. Parents also keep the Life Villagers up to date with the child's news.


Creating a Life Village for your child is simple and very rewarding! Find out how here. Your child could very soon be experiencing the love and nurture of a community and you as parents can benefit from much-needed support.


If you feel overwhelmed by the task of coordinating a Life Village, you could ask a friend to take on this task as a special gift to your child. It may be as simple as sending a few emails or setting up a WhatsApp group to keep everyone connected.

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