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What is the Life Village?

"It takes a village to raise a child"

African Proverb

The Life Village is a free tool to enable parents and carers to create a community or 'village' around their family by inviting friends to become 'Life Villagers' for their child. The supportive community then surrounds the child from birth to adulthood. In many countries, whole villages will help to raise a child. The Life Village seeks to recreate this idea of a 'village' raising a child so that the child is supported and parents do not feel alone.


How do you create a Life Village for your child?

Parents/guardians who want to create a Life Village for their child invite a group of trusted friends to be part of it. They ask each one what they would like to offer to the child such as a skill, time or resources. If this feels overwhelming, you could ask a friend to help you choose your villagers and invite them. A friend who is great at football may want to play football with the child as they grow up. Another friend may want to send a letter of encouragement once a year.


Once you have your group of Life Villagers you could organise a Life Village Gathering where everyone gets together to celebrate the child. Having a Life Village gives your child a chance to benefit from a loving community and it gives you the chance for much-needed support.

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