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1. Is the Life Village tool free?
2. Does my child have to be a baby in order to have a Life Village?
No. It is great to be able to set up a Life Village for a newborn but a Life Village can be created for a child of any age.
3. Who can set up a Life Village for a child?
The child's parents or the child's primary carer can set up a Life Village. You could also ask someone to help you to do this like a friend or family member.
4. I want to start a Life Village but I don't know who to invite.
Ask someone you know to help you think of some people. Start by thinking of a couple of people who you know well and invite them. You can add to the group bit by bit. Many people will see it as a huge privilege to be asked.
5. I want to start a Life Village but I find it hard to ask for help and feel guilty accepting help.
If this is you, ask a friend to help you set up the Life Village. Many people will feel privileged to be invited to join the Life Village rather like people feel honoured to be a Godparent. I have found that it gets a bit easier with practice.
6. I am a very busy person. I don't have time to create a Life Village.

Starting a Life Village needn't be time consuming. It shouldn't feel like a pressure. It is a gift you are giving your child and your family. To make it more manageable, ask a friend to help you. Ask just a couple of people to be part of it and  organise a small Life Village Gathering for one hour perhaps in a park or in your home. Keeping people up to date with your child's news could be as simple as sending them photos of your child occasionally. If Life Villagers feel too busy to take part they may want to opt for an annual way of contributing eg. writing an annual letter or visiting once a year.

7. Does a Life Village have to be big?

A Life Village can be of any size. The important thing is that the Life Villagers contribute a specific skill to your child's life. You can always invite more people to join the Village as your child grows older.

8. How do I ask people to join my child's Life Village?

You could ask them in person or send them a link to this website. Emphasise the positive qualities that you see in them which you think your child may appreciate.

9. Can my sister or family member be part of my child's Life Village?
Of course!


10. Is the Life Village just another version of Godparents?
No. You may want a Life Village as well as Godparents or you may want just one or the other. The traditional role of Godparents is to have two people to help nurture the child in the Christian faith. The Life Village is for people of faith, no faith or inbetween. It supports the idea of a larger group of people and also encourages all members to contribute a specific skill which may or may not be linked to spirituality.



11. Why should I set up a Life Village?
Your child will benefit from a community of trusted adults throughout their life and you will be supported by a  community as you navigate parenthood.

12. My family is a blended family. Can I still have a Life Village for my child?
Yes. The Life Village can work for any family. One or both parents can set it up. If you have lots of children you may want to have one Life Village for them all.

13. What if I later decide I don't want someone to be in the Life Village?

If you do not want someone to be in the Life Village anymore you can ask them to step down. We suggest that every five years you give all the Life Villagers the chance to step down from their role if they want to. Sometimes friendships or circumstances change and the Life Village should reflect this.

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