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Ten reasons to start a Life Village



Starting a Life Village benefits the child, its parents or carers and the Life Villagers themselves.



1. A child grows up with the support of a community


2. A child learns new skills that the parents/carers couldn’t offer on their own


3. A child has access to people who can be a listening ear


4. A child has loving adults in their life which can improve their self-esteem


5. Parents/primary carers feel supported in their parenting


6. Parents/primary carers feel less isolated


7. Parents/primary carers have people to go to for advice


8. Life Villagers can feel privileged to be asked to play a special role in the child's life


9. Life Villagers can feel a special sense of purpose in helping the child which raises their self esteem


10. The Life Villagers feel part of something worthwhile

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