Ten reasons to start a Life Village



There are lots of benefits to starting a Life Village; benefits for the child, its parents or carers and the Life Villagers themselves. Here are ten of them:



1. A child grows up with the support of a community


2. A child learns new skills that the parents/carers couldn’t offer on their own


3. A child has access to people who can broaden their horizons and be a listening ear


4. A child has the benefit of socialising early on with trusted adults and this can improve their social skills and confidence later in life


5. Parents/primary carers feel less pressured to provide everything their child needs and more supported in their parenting


6. Parents/primary carers feel less isolated


7. Parents/primary carers have a bank of people to go to for advice and support throughout their child's life


8. Life Villagers can feel a sense of privilege being invited to participate in the family’s life and are given 'permission' to contribute


9. Life Villagers can feel a special sense of purpose in their contribution that raises their own self esteem, particularly if they do not have children of their own


10. The Life Villagers can build community amongst each other over time, form new friendships and feel part of something worthwhile

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