Life Village Gatherings



The Life Village is about community. And a community needs to gather together. 


Life Village Gathering is where all the Life Village members meet up with the child and child's family. The purpose is to regularly nurture the relationships between the child and Life Villagers as well as the Life Villagers with each other.


If your child is newborn, the first Life Village Gathering could be at your child's Christening, Baptism or Naming Ceremony if you have decided to have one. If they are older, a separate party organised at your home, in a park or a hall could also work well.


Activities to try at your Life Village Gathering could be:


  • Get each member to write a short note to your child giving a word of wisdom for when they are older

  • Make a book where each Life Villager fills in a page about themselves

  • Prepare ice breaker games so the Villagers can get to know one another

  • Make a cake to share

  • Take an official Life Village photo of all the Villagers with the child

  • Give each Life Village member a photo of your child as a gift

  • Make a video of the event


If organising a Life Village Gathering feels too much for you, ask someone in your child's Life Village to organise it for you. They may feel honoured to be asked and excited at the prospect.


If you would like further support in setting up a Life Village Gathering please get in touch here.

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