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Life Village Gatherings


Life Village Gathering is where all the Life Village members meet up with the child and child's family. This could happen once or regularly. It could happen in your home, in a park or online as a virtual meeting.

The Life Village Gathering could simply be inviting people to your local park to meet your child at the weekend. It could be inviting them to your home for a cuppa, a piece of cake and a chance to say hello to your baby. You could ask someone esle to help you organise this. They may feel honoured to be involved.

If you wanted to do any activities at your Life Village Gathering here's some to try:


  • Make a cake to share

  • Take an official Life Village photo of all the Villagers with the child

  • Give each Life Village member a photo of your child as a gift

  • Give each member a piece of paper to write a word of wisdom for your child

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