Create your own Life Village

The Life Village is a nurturing community for a child from birth to adulthood. Life Villagers are chosen by the child's parents or carers and then contribute a specific skill to nurture the child as part of the Life Village.


We would love as many children and families as possible to experience the love and nurture of a supportive community.


Setting up a Life Village is very easy and it's completely free. Once you've begun setting up your Life Village you can register it and receive our news and resources. We would love to hear that lots of people are as excited about the idea as we are!


Get in touch if you have any questions or comments or see our FAQs.


Start your Life Village in 6 steps

1. CHOOSE. Select a group of friends (5-20 is ideal) to invite to be part of your child’s Life Village. You may want to think about what qualities you want in your Life Villagers. Is there a particular skill or characteristic that you don't have which a Life Villager may be able to bring? Think about those you want to invite; what is it that they are really good at?

​2. INVITE. Invite each person to be part of the Life Village by explaining what the Life Village is and why you think they would be great. You may want to do this verbally or by sending them a link to this website or an invitation email. Get them excited about the idea! Wait for them to respond to your invitation. If they accept, ask them what skill they would like to contribute to your child’s life eg. playing football with them, writing them letters, reading to them.


​3. ARRANGE. Arrange a date for your first Life Village Gathering when you will get your child and the Life Village together. You could ask one of the Life Villagers if they would like to organise the Gathering if it feels too much for you. If your child is newborn then the Gathering could be a party after their planned Christening, Baptism or Naming Ceremony. If they are older, a party held at your home or a local restaurant could work.

4. UPDATE. Once you have established your Life Village, update your members regularly on how your child is doing and encourage them to get involved in his or her life. You may want to set up a Facebook group, WhatsApp group, send emails and photos or arrange Skype conversations to facilitate this. If this feels too much for you then ask one of the Life Village members to act as a facilitator for you. Get in touch if you have any questions.

5. NURTURE. Encourage the relationships between your child and the Life Villagers. Actively involve them in your child's life and in your decision-making as parents. Ask them for help if you need it.


6. KEEP GOING. Arrange to host Life Village Gatherings regularly - we suggest every three years - so your child and the Life Village can get to know each other, until your child is of an age to decide for him or herself how to build the relationships. You could ask a Life Villager to arrange these or do it yourself. Make them lots of fun!

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